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Middle Eastern dishes often shrouded in mystery – between the stories of thousand nights & night and the secrets of each home made recipes. People might think if a dish has Kuwaiti, Lebanese or Iraqi name, then it should be really hard to make. But this is not a true picture of the simple and easy cuisine it is.

Most of our dishes are as our Chef learned them in a traditional Kuwaiti household. As Most Of us, we love watching our mother’s cook. The way she puts the dishes together, smelling the herbs, pouring the stocks, serving the food, and always telling us that “We Don’t Eat Enough”.
Jumping to the present, Dine created a simplify Arabesque recipes with new fusion style and flavorful food. No complication, no fuss, just simple and delicious food. In Our Menu, we included some background to each dish where the origins of many of them are scattered throughout the Middle East.
In Dine, Our dishes are what we like to eat, what we like to cook for our families and friends and that is just what we want to share with you. We hope our restaurant shows you that our Arabesque style food, flavors and ingredients are exotic, beautiful and enchanted.

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  • Dine

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